Most companies know how to get short-term results, especially in emergencies: cut costs quickly, boost sales this quarter, etc. But very few know how to achieve longer-term strategic impact in a fast changing environment.

We believe that meaningful strategic change is all about focus, speed and action. Too often strategic initiatives become obsolete and irrelevant before they get anywhere due to changes in customer needs, competition and technology.

Key ingredients for success:

  • Focus - less is more
  • Set the bar high – don’t settle for incremental improvements
  • Know how to measure success
  • Pick the best possible team - don’t compromise
  • Set the course - it starts with you
  • Don’t strive for a 100% solution - learn from mistakes on the go

All that sounds like common sense, yet, these simple principles are often ignored. Please contact us to learn more about creating an execution culture.

Mergers and Acquisitions

There is an abundance of studies about mergers and acquisitions, many of them claim that most acquisitions fail. We believe that acquisitions go badly more often than not for two major reasons:

  1. Before closing: you overpay due to the lack of a compelling investment thesis that explains why and how an acquisition will improve your existing business
  2. After closing: The deal goes off track because you did not integrate quickly enough where it matters

Resolving these make-or-break deal issues is not a matter of crunching the latest valuation formulas or following a step-by-step checklist. Rather, the recipe for a successful acquisition starts with the belief that deal success is not random and can and should be managed as an entire process - from initial M&A strategy through the integration of acquired companies.

Please contact us to discuss how to get organized for your next deal.


Technology startups need funding, good advice and sometimes a critical voice to tell them where they are going wrong. TNBT works with entrepreneurs to get their startups funded, marketing, technology approach and prioritization of features.

Our focus is on small startups, creating products that have a clear go-to market and preferably in the enterprise space.

Please contact us and see how we can assist you.